Start Dreaming Big as you think about this question: What could the people of God do for the Kingdom of God if they were debt free?
70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, making it very difficult to answer that question. This spring, St. Paul wants to help you live debt free by teaching you how to manage money God’s way through a class called Financial Peace University.

What if you’re already debt free and not living paycheck to paycheck? Then help us answer the question “What could the people of St. Paul do for the kingdom of God if we were debt free?” You’ve been a faithful manager of the money God has given you so we invite you to learn how to leave a God pleasing legacy for your children, grandchildren and the Kingdom of God through a class called Legacy Journey.
Financial Peace Classes 
  • Sunday @ 10:15am (March 15, 2015 start) - sign up
  • Monday @ 5:30pm (March 16, 2015 start) - sign up
  • Tuesday @ 6:00 pm (March 17, 2015 start) - sign up
  • Wednesday @ 5:30pm (March 18, 2015 start) - sign up
  • Thursday @ 12:30pm (March 19, 2015 start) - sign up (part of Senior Connections)
  • Saturday @ 10:00am (March 21, 2015 start) - sign up

Note:  You can buy class materials online or purchase them from St. Paul.  Membership kits are $50 from St. Paul.  However, the first twenty people to sign up get their membership kit for free so sign up today!

The Legacy Journey Classes
Sunday @ 10:15am (March 22, 2015 start) - sign up
Thursday @ 12:30pm (March 26, 2015 start) - sign up 
Note:  You can buy class materials online or purchase them from St. Paul.  Membership kits are $109 from St. Paul